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Baptism by immersion is an outward display of an inner transformation. It signifies one's death to sin and newness in Jesus Christ. Because the Great Commission commands us to baptize (Matt. 28:19-20), we view baptism as an important step for all believers.

Adult Baptism

Adult Baptism is for those over the age of 18. To participate, please begin by filling out a Baptism Application. Once we have your completed application, a member of our staff will be in touch to celebrate your decision and to walk you through the remainder of the process.


Youth Baptism

According to the Apostle John, there is “no greater joy than to hear that (our) children are walking in the truth (3 John 1:4). One of the moments when we taste that joy, as parents and as a church, is when we witness our children following the Lord in the obedience of baptism. 

If your child is interested in baptism, we encourage you to complete the Interest Form.


Below is the baptism process for children who are 11-18.

1. Parent Orientation

For the young person who is being raised in a Christian home, preparation for baptism begins with his or her parents. Parents are often in the best place to discern readiness, provide instruction, and prepare their child to take this significant step.

For this reason, the first step on the path to baptism is for parents to attend an Orientation Meeting. This 90-minute session is designed to help parents understand the goals for the preparation process, as well as receive the materials and instruction they need to pursue those goals with their child. Several orientation dates are offered at the beginning of each year.

2. Individual Sessions Between Parent & Child

Following the orientation meeting, parents (preferably fathers) are encouraged to plan six 1:1 sessions with their child. During this time, the parent will explore the child’s:

  • Understanding of the gospel and the saving work of Christ
  • Assurance of salvation and the reasons for that assurance
  • Understanding of the meaning and significance of baptism
  • Testimony of faith and commitment to follow Christ
3. Baptism Interview

After the 1:1 sessions are complete and parents are satisfied that their child is ready to proceed with baptism, we will schedule an interview with a One Fellowship elder and at least one other adult who is spiritually invested in the young person’s life (perhaps a Sunday School teacher or youth leader).

The interview is an opportunity for the candidate to give a testimony of faith, express understanding of the gospel, and review the significance of baptism.

4. Baptism Service

Once approved by the elder, the candidate is able to participate in one of our Baptism Services.