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Posted by Kim Dunson on

Last Sunday, we began learning about the period of the Israelite judges. After Joshua’s death, Israel fell into a cycle of sin, bondage, deliverance, and peace. In His grace, God sent leaders such as Ehud and Othniel to help God’s people obey again. However, these judges could not help with the true problem...changing the sinful hearts of the people. But God had a wonderful plan. He sent His Son, Jesus to change our hearts and to save us from sin forever. 

We will continue studying from the book of Judges this week. Once again, the Israelites were in bondage because of their sin. Again, we see Israel’s repentance and God’s forgiveness and deliverance (1 John 1:9). This time, God used a judge named Gideon to deliver His people and give them victory over their oppressors. We will see in our lesson that Gideon and the Israelites could not save themselves. Only God could save them. In the same way, we cannot save ourselves from our sins. Only God, through Jesus Christ, can save us. Jesus gives us the victory over sin!