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Israel's Unfaithfulness

Posted by Kim Dunson on

In our previous reading, we observed how God continued to defend and fight for the Israelites in the promised land.  It was God who gave His people many victories, and God was glorified as they loved and obeyed Him. The Israelites were led by Joshua, whose name means “The Lord is Salvation”. God is our salvation and graciously made a way for sinners to be saved by sending Jesus to die on the cross. Just as God fought for the Israelites and gave them victory over their enemies, Jesus has defeated our enemies - sin and death, by dying on the cross and coming alive again.

This week, we begin learning more about Israel’s life in the promised land after the death of Joshua. Unfortunately, the Israelites would enter a cycle of rebellion (apostasy) and bondage during this time. God used leaders called judges to deliver Israel from the consequences of their sin. However, God’s people needed someone greater than a judge. They needed someone to deliver them not only from the consequences of their sin but from sin itself. So God sent a true Deliver. God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we could be delivered from the bondage of sin and death forever.