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Moses Farewell

Posted by Kim Dunson on

In our lesson last week, we saw that as God miraculously provided for and protected the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness, the people continued to complain. God knew that the true reason for the people’s rebellion was their sinful hearts. God sent venomous snakes to discipline the Israelites. When the people repented, God provided a solution to rescue them. Like the Israelites, we also have sinful hearts. God also provides a solution for us when we repent of our sins. When we look to Jesus and trust in Him as our Savior, we are rescued and have life with God forever.  

After forty years in the wilderness, we learn this week that the Israelites were close to the edge of the promised land once again. However, their leader Moses was at the end of his life and would not enter Canaan with them. Before he died, Moses gave a final message from God and went up a mountain to see the land that God had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Moses was a very good leader. Jesus is our perfect leader, and the Bible tells us that Jesus deserves more glory than Moses (Hebrews 3:3). Jesus died and was raised so that Moses and every believer in all of time can enter the promised land of God’s heavenly kingdom.