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Moses Was Born and Called

Posted by Kim Dunson on

Last week, we continued our journey through the book of Genesis and we also continued to learn about Abraham's family. We learned about Jacob's twelve sons, including his favorite son Joseph.  Joseph experienced much loneliness and suffering. However, God used Joseph's suffering as a part of His plan to rescue Joseph's family. In the same way, Jesus experienced much suffering for us on the cross.  Jesus’ death and resurrection was God’s wonderful plan to rescue sinners!

This week we will begin to learn about the story of Moses and what his life teaches us about God's sovereignty and power. The people of Israel (Jacob) lived in Egypt but they were being treated very badly. God would use Moses to save the Israelites from the Egyptian king. God would also use Moses' life to point to an even better Savior- Jesus! God would use Jesus to save people in an even greater way - Jesus would save us from our sins.


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