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Jesus Is Alive

Posted by Kim Dunson on

Last week, we learned that although the earth was filled with all of the perfect things that God created, Adam and Eve still broke God’s one rule. Breaking God’s rules is called sin. Ever since Adam and Eve, all people have sinned. Everyone sins and sin will keep us away...

Sin Entered In The World

Posted by Kim Dunson on

Last week we learned that in the beginning, God created everything. He created the sky, the fish, the plants, and animals...everything! God also created people, including Adam and Eve. God created everything good and for His glory. Jesus was present at Creation (Colossians 1:16-17) and is Lord...

Genesis Chapter 1: In The Beginning

Posted by Kim Dunson on

Last week's lesson focused on David’s song to the Lord (Psalm 23) - teaching the children about the abundant care, protection, and guidance of the Lord. This is similar to that of a loving shepherd, which also reminded us that Jesus is the “Good Shepherd...who lays down His life for...

Psalm 23

Posted by Kim Dunson on

Last Sunday's lesson covered King David's sin against God also his repentance. God was not happy that David sinned but God lovingly forgave David. David wrote a song (Psalm 51) and asked God to truly change His heart. When we sin, God also forgives us, because Jesus took the punishment for our...

King David's Sin

Posted by Kim Dunson on

This lesson is about David's sin, his confrontation with Nathan, and his heart change recorded in Psalm 51. The Christ Connection is that God desires true heart change, and like David's, Jesus changes our hearts so that we no longer want to sin.        ...